ShopClues – Reaching right consumers with the right communication

The Challenge

With over 19 million products, ShopClues is one of the biggest online marketplaces in India, offering users unbelievable offers and discounts on various lifestyle and electronic products. Keeping up with the latest trends, ShopClues brings both the latest ethnic and western products to the market. The eCommerce market is incredibly competitive in India with many marketplaces competing for consumer attention. Even with a strong presence and reputation, ShopClues was still experiencing stagnant sales. Our challenge was to boost its business and drive sales. Paving a more accessible way to our potential customers and showcasing products in a more appealing way were our two objectives.

The Strategy

To increase traction, we strategized on ways that could help us provide a closer and more interesting look into the plethora of products that ShopClues offers. We knew that we needed to create advertisements that views could relate to. The strategy was to reach every customer with a customized approach; however, manually designing different ads for each user was not feasible. We decided to select one hero image and then tailor the ad-copy to each user’s needs and desires, providing the right communication at the right time.

To better understand ShopClues’ customers, we partnered with Facebook to to gain a deeper understanding of our audience’s interests. We then used this information to ‘decode’ our target customers, based on the keywords, phrases and tone of voice that they used, also making a note of their emotions and necessities. Making use of the insights, we came up with a test design. We created eight groups, four of which were put under the control group and the other four were experimental groups. While the control groups were shown the old creatives, the experimental groups were exposed to the new creatives based on our research. We also trialled creative strategies to promote products through attractive offers, ensuring we were offering the right offer to the right consumer. This meant, for example, emphasizing discounts for those who care about price and emphasizing features for people who prioritize quality.


  • 3% increase in purchase intent
  • 4.8x ROAS
  • 3% increase in recommendation rate
  • 8% increase in advertising effectiveness


Julia Heffring