Disney – The Bot Office

The Challenge

For Disney studios, a key challenge is being a box office-driven business but remains a step removed from ticket sales, as that usually lies with exhibitors


To close this gap between the media buys and ticket purchase, we brought the box office into our digital media placements driving consideration and purchase via media partnerships and platform innovation.

Enter Conversational Commerce, a channel that leverages on millennials’ shift to peer-to-peer chat apps that could significantly change the way our heroes would interact with audiences, leveraging native social behaviors to create organic W.O.M. and discoverability for greater media efficiency. A world’s first, if our heroes could find a way to combine Facebook Messenger API’s with Popcorn’s Movie Ticketing API’s into a single chatbot interface, they’d have the means to create a seamless experience through audiences to be able to engage with content and purchase tickets.


Introducing JACOB (Just Another Cool Online Bot) – a.k.a. The Bot Office on Facebook Messenger. Through the use of a single hashtag on social content, our audiences on social media would be able to summon JACOB to guide them through a consideration and ticket booking process without ever leaving the Facebook platform, a key drop off point in the purchase process.

Using new-to-market technology partner Jumper.ai, we built an ecosystem where people could engage with Disney content on social and put a brand-relevant pre-set hashtag in the comments (e.g. #AvengersSG) to trigger Messenger. This trigger activated tickets purchase without leaving Disney’s ecosystem, connecting content directly to box office results and raising overall media efficiency through greater engagement.

JACOB helped audiences in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines book tickets through serving engaging content and purchase services. During pre-season engagement JACOB re-targeted users who previously engaged with him as well as raised awareness of the films

through engaging content delivery. In-season primed audiences had the ability to purchase tickets for the film, all with strict guidelines to ensure the interactions he initiated were non-invasive and offered value.

Result / Business Effect

In JACOB’s first week 100% of people who entered the system engaged, 50% converted.

In subsequent films we had 18x more comments than any other in-season social content and the conversion rate increased to 58% then to 68% overall as we refined the purchase funnel.


Phil Adrien