FrisoMum – Better Me

The Challenge

We knew the traditional retail space was cluttered with products all claiming similar nutritional functions. And like all of China’s internet savvy and affluent millennials, our mums buy most of the things needed for daily life by shopping online. For Friso, ecommerce accounts for 1/3 of sales and continues to increase. To attract the digitally savvy mums and retain their loyalty, we had to find a way to target them via ecommerce.


There are 3.7 million pregnant mums in China. And our research uncovered a strong insight about modern Post 90’s mums. These new mums see pregnancy as an opportunity to reinvent themselves – motherhood wasn’t only a parenting journey, it was also a journey towards self-improvement. This includes a new diet, adopting pregnancy friendly fitness regimen, staying fashionable, renewed choices of personal care products, taking up new learning courses, etc.

Knowing that our mums were seeking to be a ‘better me’, our retail strategy was routed in empowering their journey towards self-evolution, and being a voice of wisdom shared by other contemporary mums.

Part of a digitally native generation, they often browse and share information online, seeking support from online platforms and social content. We also found that key competitors were focused on communicating product benefit and were ingredient focused, which lacked relevancy and resonance to young mums.


We began the campaign by creating an empowering ‘better me’ manifesto. This was brought to life on the product tin and across all creative touchpoints.

Combining the power of the Alibaba uni-desk platform with our big data system CCS, we identified our target mums to be and targeted them across the top news, social and search apps. Extending the impact we developed emotional and educational content that was shared by Taobao KOL’s to spark conversations.

For the first time we were able to fully connect and optimise live consumer data. Capturing the insights and feeding them into our databank so we could precisely reach our selected young mums and serve content based on their preferences. Our exclusive limited edition range of gifts were just the right hook to capture our mum’s attention. For our global premiere we took over the Tmall homepage – a fully interactive and creative brand launch, exploding onto the screens for our select audience.

Result / Business Effect

  • In the first 12 minutes over 1,000 products were sold
  • 20,000+ short-video views
  • 1,372,824 Tmall store visitors
  • 277% sales uplift (20% more than our sales objective)
  • Ranked #3 by monthly sales just after launch for 3 months (12% ahead of the next in ranking)


Sarah Weyman