Shiseido – MAQuillAGE


We have invested significantly into AI businesses and the application of these to our day to day business is starting to become more evident.

In the OOH field, we had two solutions. The first was to measure audiences in terms of the number / gender / age / viewability of audiences in front of the OOH frames accurately. The second is to track gaze direction to understand exactly which area an audience is looking at and optimize the creative accordingly in real time.

Introducing these technologies to Shiseido, Dentsu developed the campaign for “MAQuillAGE”, a luxury brand of Shiseido lipsticks.


We introduced the Gaze Detection System.

When a passer-by stands in front of the frame, a pre-loaded creative is automatically displayed and detects their eye movement in relation to the creative.

Shiseido displayed 3 different colours of lipstick. According to the precise area where the audience looks at, the system detects which colour of lipstick the audience has an interest in.

Our system then adapts the content in real time including a QR code on the screen which leads to an easy to redeem coupon on Shiseido’s E-Commerce site.

Result / Business Effect

With this measurement system, Shiseido was able to track several KPIs precisely and in real-time.

KPI 1: engagement.

The quantity of audiences who participated in the interactive campaign triggered by the gaze direction.

KPI 2: reach.

The number of audiences who watch the advertisement but did not participate in the interactive element.

KPI 3, potential reach.

The number of audiences who passed by the OOH frames but did not watch the advertisement.

Through this campaign, Shiseido was able to measure the efficiency of their OOH campaign far more precisely than before.


Paulo Farias