Uniqlo – UMOOD

The Challenge

How could we raise brand awareness while reinforcing UNIQLO as a global fashion innovator? With over 600 different t-shirt designs available, UNIQLO shoppers were feeling the effects of choice paralysis.


We saw an opportunity to make their lives easier by helping them decide which T-shirt best reflected their unique personality. Our strategy was to showcase UNIQLO’s huge T-shirt range while creating a fun personalised experience for the customer.


We designed a neurological shopping experience that helped people decide what to buy.

In collaboration with Melbourne University, we created an in-store activation using neuroscience technology to create UMOOD. UNIQLO customers were fitted with a neuro-headset and shown a series of video stimuli. Their neurological responses to the stimuli were then analysed in real-time by a custom-built algorithm that identified their current mood and recommended the perfect T-shirt for them.

Result / Business Effect

  • Uniqlo solidified their reputation as a true innovator
  • 20 million+ media impressions
  • $1.1. million in earned media value
  • 2 million+ social media impressions
  • Planning to roll out to Singapore, Japan and China


Andrew Luckie