Coca-Cola – City Can

The Challenge

How do we bring out the unique taste and style of the diverse culture and feelings from different cities in relation to Coca Cola?


To get a wider geographical coverage and make in-depth engagement possible, we worked with Baidu’s ecosystem, the No.1 Search APP in China.

Together with Baidu, we planned and developed an AR Interaction to decode over 12 cities’ stories. Coca-Cola enhanced the consumer experience by harnessing Baidu’s cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology and ecosystem to create layers of cool city content, bringing the city to life via a 3D model by using the mobile phone to scan the can.

Leveraging Baidu products such as Baidu Wiki, Baidu Map, Baidu Walkthrough, Baidu Knowledge (Q&A) etc. several iconic city features were revealed when consumers clicked on the 3D model. It also activated the “Taste the feeling” brand song and a 360° panorama view of the city landmarks, bringing consumers back to their favorite city in a vivid and high-tech manner.

Finally, by utilizing Baidu’s big data on consumer’s searching and browsing habits, we helped the consumers to understand which city fit him/her best – from stylish Shanghai to charismatic Beijing.

Result / Business Effect

  • Social topics around experiencing the city got high attention on social space.
  • 550 Million impressions.
  • Over 2 Million people engaged in the AR activation which made Coca-Cola city become a social star.


Sarah Weyman